Potholes & Infrastructure Improvements

Potholes hits deep in the pockets of Lawrence residence, as taxpayers and motorist. Improving the efficiency and funding of the Lawrence Department of Works ability to fill potholes faster. Prioritizing road projects on pavements heavy traffic areas can reduce the crumbling roads over decades. As Councilman of the 6th District, I will do my utmost best to reduce to number of potholes in Lawrence.

Economic Development & Small Business

The City of Lawrence is an independent governed city. As Councilman I want to be able to help utilize the City’s its assets and tax abilities to attract business to our community. Additionally, Lawrence has thriving small family businesses that contributes to the uniqueness of our community. As Councilman, I want help small business owners continues to grow while attracting new companies to the City of Lawrence.

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

As a growing community, Public Safety is one of my big concerns. We must insure that our Police Officers and Fire Fighters have the necessary tools they need to protect our community. We must give them best training possible and proper equipment to protect the public as well as themselves. We must have a Police and Fire Department that is properly staffed and competitively paid in order to attract the best talent possible for our city.

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